Where is the Port Exploreum?

The Port Exploreum is located in downtown Port Washington, Wisconsin  (see map).  Our address is 118 N. Franklin Street, and our phone number is 262-284-2406.

What is the Port Exploreum?

The Port Exploreum is the newest jewel of the Port Washington Historical Society.  Thanks to a generous initial gift by an anonymous donor, the vision of  a sustainable, world class museum experience that explores and orients families and visitors to Port Washington's rich historical past and connects with their future was born.  The Exporeum creates opportunities for inspirational discovery and joyful learning through hands-on exploration of the rich history of the Port Washington, Wisconsin area.  Using a variety of methods of story-telling, the Exploreum connects visitors with the past while relating that history with today's Port Washington


Why the name Port Exploreum?

As the concept of the Port Exploreum was being developed,  there was much discussion as to what to call it.  There were concerns that the word "museum" when associated with a smaller city conjures up the wrong images in visitor's minds.  We really believed that what we were creating would inspire visitors to want to explore the various stories and exhibits that we would be featuring.  And finally, we are a harbor port on Lake Michigan, and we felt it was important to emphasize that in the name.  The end result after hours and hours of debate:

The Port Exploreum